Weekend Recovery WOD 

Weekend WOD 20 minutes rolling. Use a lacrosse ball, foam roller, tennis ball, or whatever you have available. Focus on areas that are tighter than normal. Spend 2-4 minutes per area depending on how tight it is. Rolling these areas out helps to increase blood flow, speed recovery, and increase mobility. 
20-30 minutes stretching. 
Start at your feet and work your way up. Spend 2-3 minutes on each stretch. Dedicate at least 5 minutes to sitting in the bottom of an air squat. To set this up, squat down facing the inside of a doorway or something else you can hang on to. In the bottom of the squat with your back straight, knees out, and hanging onto the doorway, press your elbows into the inside of each thigh. This will help you get your knees into the proper position while in the squat. Hold this position for 5 minutes. 

Thursday WOD 



E2MOM x 6

1 Squat Clean

2 Front Squat

1 Jerk


5 rounds for reps of:

1 minute of deadlifts 185/125

1 minute of push-ups

1 minute of knees-to-elbows

1 minute rest

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