8 thoughts on “Contact Us

    1. Haley,
      We do not offer a “student” discount, however we do offer discounts based on length of membership. See our “Rates” page for more details. And yes, the schedule on this page is current.

  1. Do you do a youth class? Like athletes 6th grade I have wrestler that wants to crossfit to improve his skill set and get stronger and faster.

    1. Hey Lindsay! Yes we do offer a youth class. It runs in 12 week sessions, with the next one beginning in August/September. Ages for that class are 8-12 and it fills up very quickly as soon as we open registration for it. We also have personal training available for sport specific needs.

  2. Just coming in from out of town. Going to drop in. Was wondering what your schedule was for next week.

  3. I have taken the last couple years off but am ready to get back to it. Was curious if there’s a good time to come see the facility. I have noticed in my past I do better at some gyms opposed to others

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