About CrossFit

CrossFit is a 1 hour long core strength and conditioning program that delivers a fitness that is by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Utilizing equipment like the barbell, kettlebell, and medicine ball, beginner elements of track & field, gymnastics, weightlifting and strongman are combined in short intense daily workouts to maximize results for any individual. CrossFit teaches functional movement patterns,  or, movements that you find in real life – pushing, pulling, squatting, jumping, throwing, lifting, and carrying. These movements are first taught at the most basic, beginner level, and then slowly progressed to more challenging movements.

Each class our coaches teach every movement you need to know to perform the daily workout, safely and effectively.  Each workout is scaled and adapted specifically to each member, even to work around any preexisting injuries or limitations. Can’t do a push-up or a squat? No problem! We can help you get there.



Luke Robinson: Owner/Coach

Questions? Want more info? Contact us:

11 thoughts on “About CrossFit

  1. I’m busting from out of town next Friday. Was wanting to drop in and wanted to know your class times and rates. And also if you have a Saturday Wod also. Thanks in advance

    1. Hey Grant! Here is our schedule:


      You can also find our class times on the schedule page. We are open Monday-Friday and drop ins are $15. Shoot me an email at luke@crossfit620.com when you know which class we can expect you at. Thanks!

  2. I have a daughter that just got out of the Marines. She is having a hard time ajusting and a temper. I was wondering if you had something that would help her relax and get her frustration out. Thank you

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